5 Self-Care Activity Ideas

Self-care is unimaginably important to a happy and healthy lifestyle, however, it is so often overlooked or misunderstood. Self-care activities aren’t limited to meditation, journaling or bathing. Even though, all of those activities are beneficial, they’re not your only options. Self-care is simply an activity, that you intentionally carve out time for yourself (and perhaps others) to do, in order to bring you a little bit of happiness, confidence and serenity. On that note, here are five self-care activity ideas and how to make the most out of that time you’ve put aside for yourself.

Read a book:

I must admit, I’m a little bit bias towards reading as an English Literature student, but research suggests that just 30 minutes of reading, out of the 10,080 we have a week, increases our happiness and health. If you struggle to maintain a reading habit, pick a short and easy book to read in an idealic location such as, the park, spa or a coffee shop and you’ll be lost before you know it.

Watch a movie:

My bestfriend and I are guilty of going to the cinema in our comfies with a blanket, a bar of chocolate, plastic wine glasses and a refilled plastic wine bottle we were given at a festival once (we have no shame). It’s a really fun evening out, however, you can also do the exact same thing at home on a lower budget, but remember to turn down the lights and turn off your phone for the full effect.

Purchase a subscription:

Purchase a yearly subscription to a website, publication or product that will bring value to your life such as, Audible, Skillshare or Stacks Magazines. The ideal subscription will not only give you something to look forward to every month, but increase your personal growth and remind you to consistently take time out for yourself. Skillshare is my personal favourite, I’ve learnt everything from how to embroider to how to set up this blog and so if you’d like to receive a one month free trial here is my affiliate link.

Album listening session:

A friend of mine who loves music gave me this idea, he would often invite our friends and I over to listen to a new album around the fire pit in his back garden. We’d make smores, catch up and occasionally stopping to give our opinions on the songs we had just heard. It’s a really enjoyable, communal and relaxing evening that I think more people should do.

Play a board game:

My parents and I have had countless board game evenings, in which we all sit on the floor in the middle of the living room and play two or ten board games. We’ve discovered a lot about each other by doing this every so often, not to mention it’s always a good laugh and an incredibly easy way to pry yourself away from technology for a while.

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